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The Pubsoft digital publishing suite for enterprise customers has multiple different applications. The Pubsoft digital publishing suite for enterprise can be incorporated into any existing website and can be branded and customized to suit your company’s needs. Pubsoft can help you to grow your business and help it to thrive used as an internal tool, an external customer facing tool, or both.

Learning Management System

The Pubsoft digital publishing suite for enterprise customers can be used internally to create and distribute training and corporate communication pieces. Through the publication of ebooks managers can get important materials to employees and can monitor their progress with their use of distributed materials. The Pubsoft system also included a quiz functionality with system embedded assessments to test comprehension and knowledge of the information presented. Doing so helps to hold employees accountable for performance and for knowing company policy and protocol.

Using the Pubsoft system as a learning management tool can be used to either provide a train the trainer type program, or provide multimedia content directly to your company’s operational force. Publishing and distributing material is quick and easy for content administrators responsible for making sure employees are up-to-date on safety training and other human resource concerns.

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