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Whether it’s conforming to common core standards, or getting students excited about STEM disciplines, K-12 education teachers always look for the best tools to give their students to help them succeed in their careers and life. Tools to help deliver the necessary information they need to learn, as well as tools to understand how they are engaging with the information they are learning.

The Pubsoft system can help teachers in several areas of K-12 educationĀ andĀ can be implemented in multiple ways to help the learning process, such as:

Classroom Content Management System

As a classroom content management, a teacher has the ability to assign, track progress, and monitor engagement with assigned content. The Pubsoft system can also accommodate multimedia content so teachers can address the visual and auditory learning styles of K-12 education students.

Publish Original Classroom Content

Teachers know their students best, and giving teachers the ability to easily and quickly distribute interactive content to their students is important. As mobile technology gains favor in schools, giving tools to teachers to easily get material into the hands of their students they way they consume it is critical.

On the student side of the equation, teen creative writing ability soars, fostering that desire to write, create, and publisher becomes more important than ever. Pubsoft provides K-12 education teachers and classrooms easy access to digital publishing tools for K-12 education, language arts, and creative writing to make creative writing dreams realities. Pubsoft also helps teachers to develop students’ business skills in bringing a product to market.

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Pubsoft is a useful resource in the K-12 classroom

PubsoftEDU is great for delivering Common Core and ELA content!
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