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Bringing Pubsoft into the higher education classroom helps students learn the publishing process from idea to implementation. Students can learn how to create a product through production and formatting using software and digital tools, and teachers can incorporate the publishing process as a natural progression of the creative writing process. Using PubSoft digital publishing tools for higher education creates a generation of technically savvy authors and publishers who are well-versed in multimedia production and communication. Students will be ready to function in the current market and who have an understanding of the doors digital publishing tools can open in their future careers.

Additionally, the Pubsoft system can be used in higher education in the following implementations:

Deliver Course Packets

Professors often need supplemental information to help students digest textbook material in more practical and applicable ways. Because it is a closed system that can only be accessed by authenticated users, Pubsoft can be configured to deliver course packet information to higher education students on their mobile devices.

Self-contained publishing environment

Whether it’s submitting projects in a digital format, or having a space where students who author their works can keep their portfolio organized, Pubsoft features, like the EPUB converter and digital bookshelf, areĀ great tools to facilitate discussions and research in higher education classrooms.

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Pubsoft is a great asset for Higher Education settings

Whether you're speaking to an internal or external audience, Pubsoft has the right combination for higher education applications.
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