Pubsoft for Education

The children are our future. So it’s important we educate them in ways that are cohesive not only to their learning capabilities and processes but also to new and evolving technologies. Students from kindergarten to higher education levels can benefit from classroom content management systems like Pubsoft.

Pubsoft for K-12

For K-12 students, Pubsoft can help teachers implement educational plans that adapt to new common core assessments, standardized testing, and STEM disciplines. Our software adapts to a classroom CMS to help with the administration, delivering, and monitoring of e-learning and online content. Teachers of K-12 students will be able to use the classroom CMS to assess, give tests, monitor progress, offer enhanced multimedia learning materials, and utilize interactive content to engage students and successfully prepare them for their future.

Pubsoft for Higher Education

For higher education students, Pubsoft can help professors and distance learning educators with structuring syllabi, lesson plans, and interactive content. Professors will have the ability to assess student progress and comprehension, administer tests, and help students create a portfolio of their work. It can also help students understand the digital publishing process—utilizing software and digital content tools, students will be able to understand new technologies and gain credible e-learning experience, which can open many doors in their professional and academic careers.

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