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Content Marketing Professionals with Tablet

The Pubsoft platform is the perfect tool for any marketer’s toolkit. The Pubsoft system ties nicely into any content marketing strategy by allowing for quick and broad content distribution. Pubsoft can produce ebooks and automate marketing processes to make implementation and execution of marketing plans and campaigns easier. Pubsoft improves any content marketing strategy by allowing users to publish and directly sell or distribute valuable ebook content to their end users.

Once content has been distributed content marekters can use the Pubsoft analytic dashboard to gain insights on the most effective content and taylor future content marketing campaigns and internal content to match the consumption habits of the end users. Can be used with an inbound marketing strategy to help get leads in the door and also to help refine existing marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing Applications of the Pubsoft Platform

Ebook Collateral – Deliver long form content perfect for digital user guides, product manuals, company handbooks, and training guides.
Internal and External Marketing Purposes – Whether your end users are internal or external, the Pubsoft platform allows marketing professionals to easily create and distribute content that provides an enhanced reading experience and a consolidated reader bookshelf to keep content all in one place.
Analytic Dashboards – Analytic dashboards of the Pubsoft platform allow content marketing professionals the ability to see how users are consuming content to be able to refine existing content and develop new content that makes strategic sense.

Why Choose Us

  • Publishing technology to incorporate ebooks into marketing strategy
  • Robust analytic sales data that will guide marketing efforts
  • Keep content branded to your firm and your clients with individual pages
  • Simple intuitive software that is easy to learn and use
  • Support and training tools to encourage client participation
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