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Pubsoft serves all industries that want to reach their customers with high quality ebooks in an increasingly mobile market. Pubsoft was originally developed with the trade publishing industry in mind, but our focus is on providing a content delivery environment and platform building software across multiple industries. Pubsoft lets businesses grow through robust market intelligence and automating marketing processes.

Our cloud-based system can support any type of content producer, publisher, and/or marketer looking to bring an ebook offering to the mobile market of tablets and smart phones. With the rise of mobile and tablet reading, Pubsoft lets users manage a branded online ebook publishing experience and collects market intelligence data that helps them to grow their platforms and maximize all distribution channels.

The multiple levels of usability provide each customer group with the perfect ebook publishing solution and direct sales e-commerce channel. The Pubsoft value proposition makes who we serve any users who want robust content that delivers high ranking search results and professional quality products. In addition to the publication of traditional fiction and non-fiction ebooks, Pubsoft enables content creators the ability to leverage the power of ebooks as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Pubsoft - Who We Serve

Customized Setup

Pubsoft works with your existing website. Our engineers will integrate the Pubsoft system into your site to maintain the look and feel of your company’s existing branding.

Pubsoft - Who We Serve

Direct Content Delivery

Pubsoft provides direct delivery of digital content for users. Delivering direct gives users more control over the user experience and also allows marketers to truly know and understand who their customers are.

Pubsoft - Who We Serve

Engagement Analytics

Pubsoft users are equipped with a multiple levels of access that provide dashboard engagement analytics to different system users. Being able to see how readers interact with content is the best way to determine the next best strategy in producing more.

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