What is Pubsoft? | Publishing Software for Today’s Publishers

Pubsoft is publishing software for today’s content publishers. The strength of the system is in the intuitive and easy-to-use administrative portals that allow publishers and authors control over their marketing and platform building activities. Publishers can manage author accounts, upload ebooks, sell direct to customers and distribute royalties. The system can be used to automate daily administrative tasks, provide a direct to consumer sales opportunity that builds a strong, engaged reader following, and provide a two-way marketing and sales environment for authors.

digital publishing software toolkit

Software Toolkit

The Pubsoft system is a software toolkit that allows clients to customize a content solution that works for their particular business problem. Users can pick and choose the right level of customization that works for them.

cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

The Pubsoft system is hosted in the cloud so all of your content will be hosted in the cloud and is accessible by your audience or by a world-wide audience depending on how you need your content to be accessed.

puzzle piece turnkey and custom solutions

Turnkey & Custom Solutions

Pubsoft can help you put the pieces of the puzzle together by providing turnkey out-of-the box solutions with little to no customization, or we can customize an implementation of the Pubsoft system for you.

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Ebook delivery and analytics by Pubsoft

Pubsoft offers numerous awesome features, advanced options and so much more!
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