Automated Pubsoft eBook & Author Websites

eBook Author Websites

Each ebook uploaded to the Pubsoft system receives its own unique webpage with a unique link that can be shared and used to funnel traffic and to create more effective marketing campaigns and SEO opportunities. Page content can be easily edited from the PubHub level for the owner of the content and from the PubAdmin level for all pieces of content uploaded to the system.

eBook Websites

Each author added to the system will receive two versions of his or her own web page. The company page allows a larger content administrator to have branding control over the author page, while the individual page allows authors an element of customization. This page can be customized using system themes or we can design a theme to fit your branding needs.

author website

Gorgeous Website

Build a beautiful customizable author website in minutes with all of the information readers need.

Flexible Theme

Customize your author website by choosing one of the multiple themes available for promoting.

Loaded With Options

Each theme is loaded with features and options, all are very easy to use in our advanced admin panel!

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