Pubsoft | Branded ebook delivery and analytic systems

In today’s economy, we are all publishers. As web-based technology and content marketing become the cornerstones of our business and marketing operations, it is more important than ever to take an active approach to incorporating publishing tools into business strategy. Pubsoft is a versatile platform that provides content creators and administrators a publishing platform with the features to help your business distribute content and analyze how users read and interact with data. The Pubsoft system is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides multi-level access at the consumer, creator, and administrator levels.

Pubsoft features a suite of products that work together to create a self-contained publishing, direct delivery, and analytic environment that allows content creators to know how content is being read to evaluate, refine, and develop new content that impacts bottom line contributions from product, marketing, and human resources perspectives.

Branded Customization

Make the Pubsoft system your own. The versatility of the Pubsoft system allows the User Interface (UI) to be configured to align with your unique brand identity.

Direct Distribution to Your Audience

Whether your audience is an internal or external audience, or your content is free or for sale, Pubsoft can build a system that works for your business goals.

Powerful Analytic Dashboards

The Pubsoft system offers three levels of analytic dashboards. Dashboard access can be configured for content creators, content administrators, and system administrators.

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Your Content Delivered Your Way

Use the different features of the Pubsoft system to make it your own.
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