Writing conferences Publishing eventsNow, more than ever, it’s important for publishers (not just authors) to attend publishing industry events. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, you probably know that the game of book publishing has changed, for all players—authors, publishers, editors, literary agents, and even publicists. And everyone’s still learning the rules. Meanwhile, the game changers (e-books, social media, digital publishing software) continue to digitally disrupt the industry.

With publishing software and platforms giving everyone a key to the publishing palace, it’s imperative that publishers become innovative in how they seek out new talent. Attending publishing industry events, such as the upcoming 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, are good ways for publishers to make new connections, learn about new trends, and keep a firm grasp on their territory and the rapid innovation of the publishing world.

The 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, which lasts from October 9 to October 13, bills itself as “the biggest book and media fair in the world.” It offers something for everyone in the industry, with approximately 7500 exhibits from over 100 countries.

Major Publishing Industry Events

Other important industry events are listed below: 

Writer’s Digest Conference
London Book Fair
Beijing International Book Fair
American Library Association (ALA) Conference and Exhibition
BookExpo America
Digital Book World (DBW) Conference and Expo
Pubwest Conference
Publishing Business Conference and Expo
Romance Writers of America (RWA) Conference (Two annual conferences: winter and summer)
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) Conference (Two annual conferences: winter and summer)

These are just some of the major publishing events that happen each year. There are a wide range of events that happen all year long, all across the world—international and regional book fairs and festivals, genre-specific conferences, local book and writing conferences and expos, and even some digital events—that can offer a chance for publishers to make connections with other industry players and stay ahead of the curve.

Show, Don’t Tell

Let’s face it, publishing is no longer a reactive industry, it’s proactive. And publishers have come to a fork in the road. The path they decide to take could change the game yet again. The only way to stay in the game is to stay in the game.

As Hannah Johnson said, “New technology has rapidly transformed the centuries-old publishing business in a matter of years, and consumers are eager for more.”

The way to give them more is to be aware what more consists of—by staying on top of publishing trends, maximizing resources, and networking and making connections.

There’s a saying in the writing world: Show, don’t tell. By attending publishing industry events, and making connections with authors, publishers have the perfect opportunity to show they’re still in the game.