Pubsoft - Holiday Promotions for BooksTis the season for giving, and now is the perfect time to find (and for publishers, offer) holiday promotions on books—print and ebooks alike. Most often, the holiday season can represent 40 percent of annual revenue for many retailers. And while that’s a broad number, it can apply to publishers, especially when ebooks are perfectly priced for everyone in your life.

You’re sure to find plenty of holiday promotions on books from publishers and booksellers. And if you’re a publisher, now is a great time to offer holiday promotions on books you’ve published.

As David Wogahn says, publishers need to get strategic about promoting and marketing for the holiday season. Offering discounts during the holiday season can bring in a lot more revenue, especially when ereaders and tablets are on the rise. Holiday promotions on current titles, or offering a free ebook with the purchase of a print book, is a great way to bring in holiday sales. Or as Wogahn suggests, why not promote books with a seasonal theme? It’s not only a great option for last minute shoppers, but a great way to let your customers know you care.

And whether you’re a fan of the ebook or still in love with print books, so much of holiday shopping is now done online that you won’t have to look far to find a gift for the book lover in your life. If you’re stuck, here are some good ideas from a few posts around the web:

Kbuuk: Publish your masterpiece, and select “Gift this Book” in the PubHub section.
Amazon: Find the perfect eBook. Click “Give as a Gift.”
Barnes and Noble: Choose your eBook. Click “Buy as a Gift.”
Kobo: You get the idea – and then click “Send as Gift.”

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Or maybe you have an introvert or busy bee in your life.

Gift the gift of audiobooks — often the best gift for someone who misses the world of words is a way to reconnect with them while grocery shopping or out for a run. And for the special introvert your life, an audiobook is a great way to support their need for alone time. How about pairing an inexpensive digital music player (maybe an iPod shuffle in a funky color) with a gift card for an audiobook service like Audible? -Brenna Clarke Gray

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Have a child in your life whose passion for reading you hope to ignite? Try gifting a classic such as The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Not only is this, in my opinion, one of the very best books to read aloud with kids, it’s a great little breath of fresh air for adults as well. And it’s one of those books that it doesn’t seem possible to have too many copies of. – Alanna Okun, BuzzFeed Staff

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We hope you find the perfect gift to give (or receive the perfect gift!) this holiday season.