Pubsoft and International Publishers

International publishers can take advantage of the Pubsoft system because Pubsoft is publishing SaaS that can be implemented on any existing website. The Pubsoft system also runs on reliable cloud technology that ensures scalability and reliable service.

pubsoft international publishers, world map

Pubsoft is currently being tested in Asian markets. However, other international implementations will be considered custom projects at this time. During international implementations there are certain considerations that must be looked at before a Pubsoft implementation:

International Rights Consideration

Pubsoft users are responsible for knowing their own copyright agreements. Any international publishers using the Pubsoft system agree that they hold the international rights to distribute any works that are listed for sale through the Pubsoft direct sales system in the country in which they are operating.

IP restrictions

Pubsoft developers can configure your customized implementation to include IP restrictions so visitors from certain geographic IP addresses cannot access your content.

Foreign Language Translation

The Pubsoft system currently accepts formatted .docx and EPUB ebook formats, so if the source document is in a foreign language, the book will be rendered in the source language because the HTML5 reader displays UNICODE text. The front end and back end of the system will remain in English unless as a part of the international publisher’s project specifications.

Foreign Currency

Custom development may need to take place for international publishers to ensure that the proper currency transactions and calculations are happening on both the front end and the back end of the system. Book prices, transactions, and royalty distributions should all happen in the local currency for publishers, authors, and readers.

Native Apps vs. HTML5

Native apps are apps that downloaded from an application aggregator such as the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store. The advantages of having a custom-branded, native app for iOS and/or Android mean that users can access content that has been downloaded to the device while connected to a network. Users are able to call entire files through their native apps, and reading a work through the native app is not necessarily contingent on being connected to a network.

The Pubsoft system’s core package comes complete with a branded HTML5 reader that allows users to land on your site and instantly purchase and begin reading content through an Internet browser. The Pubsoft system is currently compatible with the four largest U.S. browsers including: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The HTML5 reader was developed to accommodate EPUB3 standards and is responsive. The responsive HTML5 reader adjusts to the screen of the device of the reader, which means that readers reading from tablet or mobile devices will have the optimal reading experience. Reading a work with the Pubsoft HTML5 reader is also not necessarily contingent on being connected to a network.

Native iOS App

Native iOS apps are developed for users who consume content on Apple devices. iOS apps have a greater presence in the U.S. market. Pubsoft has currently developed an iOS reading app that can be branded to your publishing company. The iOS app has the same functionality as the HTML5 reader in terms of ability to highlight, bookmark, note take, and in-text social sharing.

Native Apps iOS

An example of a Pubsoft developed iOS app can be found here.

Native Android App

Pubsoft has the ability to develop a native branded Android app for publishing customers, and can do so upon request during project specifications. If you would like to speak to a Pubsoft team member about Android App development please email support@pubsoft.com RE: Android App Development.

Native Apps, Google Play Store

Ebook Formats

Ebook formats are an important part of the publishing process. Depending on your publishing model, once a work is completed it must be formatted for all of the different channels of distribution, including both print and digital. Additionally, different digital channels have their own formats, as well as nuances of formatting within the same file format. For example, one digital file can be formatted three different ways for distribution across a direct sales channel, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. The Pubsoft system helps to alleviate some of the pain associated with ebook formats by providing publishers with a direct sales channel for immediate reading with our HTML5 reader, or allows readers to download EPUB formats to read across operating systems.

Ebook Formats Accepted by Pubsoft

The Pubsoft system currently accepts Microsoft Word .docx format and EPUB ebook formats. Users can currently upload files through a PubHub author account or through the PubAdmin publisher’s account. The Pubsoft system can accommodate EPUB3 standards for native image and video content within EPUB files.

.docx files are converted to EPUB files through the Pubsoft ebook conversion engine, and can be rendered on any Internet-connected device. Pubsoft technology allows that an entire book can be called for the duration of a reading instance even if connectivity is lost as long as the user does not close the current browser window.

ebook formats, .docx to epub conversion

The system does not accept the following common ebook formats: .ibook, Mobipocket (.mobi), PDF, HTML, or .txt.

To learn more about different ebook formats, please see the e-book formats article on Wikipedia.

ePub is the term for the file format that is quickly becoming the international standard for ebooks. Currently there are two main types of ebook file formats that the world consumes for tablet reading: .mobi, which is a proprietary format to the Amazon Kindle ereading system, and secondly the .epub file, which can be rendered on any ereading app across devices and regardless of operating systems.

Ebooks published through the PubSoft system are distributed as epub files that can be read on any device and any operating system. The PubSoft system complies with the latest standards of the .epub format as set by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF).

The Pubsoft team will provide users with a custom integrations and DNS mapping depending on the individual circumstance. Pubsoft installation is quick and convenient and does not require a new site, as the tools can be integrated with an existing website.

Your customers will feel like they are still on your website, surrounded by your brand, with the benefit of our powerful software. For an example, check out our demo site at polarbearpublishing.com. The “Book Store” and “Our Authors” links are the reader side of the PubSoft software.

Adding an author is simple and easy. The process can be completely handled through the editor dashboard. Or, the software can be configured to allow authors to sign up automatically.

Editors can register new authors from the editor’s dashboard by accessing the settings menu and clicking the members option. Once in the Member’s page, there is an “Add” button with a green plus sign. Clicking that button enables editors to be able to register a new author. Author information can be updated and managed by assuming an author’s account from the Editor’s Dashboard.


The author portal, or Author’s Dashboard, or also simply referred to as the Dashboard, is the place for author’s to easily track royalties across the different distribution channels. Additionally, authors are given insight into readers, an overview of all of the published titles he or she has distributed, and get a look at how each of your titles are performing. The Author’s Dashboard gives you a geographical interpretation of where your titles are being sold as well as line chart comparisons for your eBooks that show you how titles are performing relative to one another.

There are three ways to navigate the Author’s Dashboard: the top navigation bar, the left navigation bar, and clicking chart titles.

The Pubsoft system was developed to work together with traditional marketing techniques as well as maximize channel distribution. We believe that using the Pubsoft system will help stimulate Word of Mouth marketing to downstream retail channels such as Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Nook store. The Pubsoft system can distribute your ebooks to all three of these channels for $99/title.

The PubSoft system can integrate data from Amazon and other channels to help you calculate royalties and keep track of digital royalties owed to each author.

Authors can check ebook sales from the Author’s Dashboard for individual titles published under an author, while publishers can view overall sales data of all books published through the PubSoft system to view authors performance and title performance.

Royalties are managed through the software system. Royalty calculations are performed automatically on each transaction and publishers have the option of setting minimum royalty withdraw amounts. Authors simply need to login to their account and click the Royalty Withdraw button to be able to electronically draft royalty payments to their PayPal accounts.

Alternatively, the publisher can simply send a payment to an author through PayPal with PubSoft or record the sending of a physical check to adjust the royalty balance to the correct amount.