Ebook Formats

Ebook formats are an important part of the publishing process. Depending on your publishing model, once a work is completed it must be formatted for all of the different channels of distribution, including both print and digital. Additionally, different digital channels have their own formats, as well as nuances of formatting within the same file format. For example, one digital file can be formatted three different ways for distribution across a direct sales channel, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. The Pubsoft system helps to alleviate some of the pain associated with ebook formats by providing publishers with a direct sales channel for immediate reading with our HTML5 reader, or allows readers to download EPUB formats to read across operating systems.

Ebook Formats Accepted by Pubsoft

The Pubsoft system currently accepts Microsoft Word .docx format and EPUB ebook formats. Users can currently upload files through a PubHub author account or through the PubAdmin publisher’s account. The Pubsoft system can accommodate EPUB3 standards for native image and video content within EPUB files.

.docx files are converted to EPUB files through the Pubsoft ebook conversion engine, and can be rendered on any Internet-connected device. Pubsoft technology allows that an entire book can be called for the duration of a reading instance even if connectivity is lost as long as the user does not close the current browser window.

ebook formats, .docx to epub conversion

The system does not accept the following common ebook formats: .ibook, Mobipocket (.mobi), PDF, HTML, or .txt.

To learn more about different ebook formats, please see the e-book formats article on Wikipedia.