red bull, energy drink, everyone's a publisher. innovation, embrace technology, #selfpub, #publishing, #contentmarketing, #ebooks, KDP, #redbull, media, #socialmedia, #brand, Here’s a little millennial truth for you: Everyone’s a publisher. And OK, maybe everyone isn’t a publisher…yet. But everyone CAN BE a publisher. And that’s the beauty of this digital world, full of innovation and shifting capabilities. We can do anything! We can hold a library in the palm of our hands. We can spread our message in 140 characters or less. We can build relationships with people around the world, in real time. And we can publish—anytime, anywhere.

Pretty amazing when you realize that only a hundred years ago, no one had even heard of television. Now we walk around with miniature televisions in our pockets thanks to mobile technology (and Netflix!).

So, what does “everyone’s a publisher” really mean?

Well, it doesn’t just include indie authors that are self-publishing their novels or memoirs…though that certainly falls under the idea. Everyone’s a publisher means that the power to publish content is literally at your fingertips. And if you’re a business, brand, marketer, educator, book publisher, or anyone that has a need to distribute information, you’re a publisher.

You probably know the term content marketing. That’s publishing. You or your business is publishing content to market to your potential customers. Many companies publish PDFs, or even better—ebooks, and use that published material as a means of establishing expert status, generating leads, creating brand loyalty, and distributing information to possible and current customers.

Still don’t get it?

Here’s an example. You may have heard of a little beverage company by the name of Red Bull. Yes, that’s the one…it gives you wings and all that. But guess what Red Bull also does? It publishes. Surprised? Don’t be. I’ve already said it: that’s the beauty of modern digital technology. Everyone’s a publisher. So long as they are fluid and open to change.

Now you’re probably thinking, Wow, Red Bull is an energy drink company that also publishes. Huh. Cool. But you’ve got that backward!

As says James O’Brien says, Red Bull is a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage.

Because Red Bull understood early on that they had to embrace innovation—or die…so they became publishers and built a media house that is practically unstoppable. Oh, and they sell energy drinks.

And like Red Bull, publishing gives you wings. Your company can fly, or fall flat on its face. It’s your choice. But if you want to fly, you just need to push the envelope, embrace the technology, and adapt to change…because you don’t want to get left behind.

As Terry Hayes has said, Red Bull capitalized on the lack of media attention to extreme sports and there are other opportunities for brands to fill gaps in the content universe.

That’s the whole reason Pubsoft even exists. We want to push the envelope. We want to see everyone embracing the technology. We want everyone to be a publisher.

So whether you call it content marketing, or business publishing, or information distribution, you or your company has something of value to offer to the masses. So harness the publishing power that rests at the end of your fingers. Be a publisher. Publish. And then publish some more.