Publishing isn’t changing, publishing has changed, and now the challenge is navigating the waters of the unknown and understanding where to take your publishing business in order to stay relevant. Pubsoft enables users to provide a direct ebooks sales channels to customers, which results in a data-driven publishing environment. Pubsoft helps authors and publishers work collaboratively to build effective platforms and reader engagement.

This post covers quotes and links to articles from recognizable industry gurus in order to illustrate where publishing is going, and how Pubsoft can help publishers achieve success.

By only selling direct, the actual relationship between marketing activity and sales is illuminated through discount codes and traffic referral data” – Suw Charman-Anderson

Pubsoft enables an ebook store directly on a publishers site that provides in-depth analytic data of works and authors through the sales funnel via the publisher’s portal.

“By investing some time in setting up your direct sales platforms and hooking it up to your newsletter and web analytic tools, you can save a lot of time in the long run through focusing on activities you know, empirically will work for you.” – Suw Charman-Anderson

Lists can be exported from Pubsoft by CSV file to incorporate into existing email campaign efforts. Additionally, the system can be configured to send automated emails triggered by certain reading behavior, for example purchasing or finishing a particular work.

“A platform is not who you know, but who knows you. [It’s] a series of actions that gets you in front of your reader.” – Penny C. Sansevieri

Platforms are developed through the continuous and strategic marketing efforts of both a publisher and an author. In our increasingly digital world, the most basic level of this is having a website where authors are driving all of their traffic, a point of purchase at all possible points of contact, ability to preview works, and integrated social media. Pubsoft can provide all of these functions.

“Many publishers are making a huge mistake by treating ebooks as an afterthought. These are not printed books that we happen to sell in digital format— they’re digital books that we might happen to print.” – Andrew Savikas

Pubsoft allows publishers to leverage the information collected through the system on purchasing behavior and make more educated marketing decisions through offline marketing efforts to increase Word of Mouth marketing and stimulate downstream sales.

It is the publishers below the Big Five level that can gain the biggest benefits from the various service providers solving the problems posted by the digital transition.” – Mike Shatzkin

While Pubsoft was built with large and small publishers in mind, the Big Five publishers often have more resources at their disposal. Pubsoft can quickly help smaller publishers make the digital transition.

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