Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics for Content Creators | PubHub

Content creators and authors want more readers. Dashboard analytics let system users evaluate and refine content for future content development. Knowing and understanding how readers and customers interact with content is an important part of creating more content that people want, and understanding where to allocate marketing and promotional resources. The Pubsoft systems provides content creator level access to a dashboard where content creators can see how their own personal work is performing. With PubHub authors have access to information such as book previews and book opens, as well as time spent within a certain title.

Dashboard Analytics for System Administrators | PubAdmin

The Pubsoft system provides access for system administrators. System administrators have access to see how all titles within the system are performing. From a content marketing perspective, this could be a project or marketing manager, and from a publishing perspective this may be a publisher or editor. System administrators are basically the owners of the Pubsoft implementation and also have the ability to add, edit, and delete users and content from the system.

Dashboard Analytics for Content Administrators

The Pubsoft system provides access for content administrators. The content administrator role is most applicable in classroom and training settings. The content administrator role lets users track reader progress and also has built in quiz functionality and invitation capability to be able to have closed classes in order to manage and monitor.

dashboard analytics

Preview Data

Preview data is important indicator in the conversion funnel. When titles don’t convert from Preview to Sale or Download, there is an opportunity to refine metadata and book detail information.

Sales Data

Sales data is collected by title and author over time to identify who and what are best sellers. Sales data is tracked over several different metrics, including geography, date and time, and payment type.

Engagement Data

Pubsoft dashboard analytics provide engagement analytics for admins to understand metrics such as how long users are staying within a title to give an in-depth look into reader behavior.

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