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Find Your Content Marketing Zen: Blog Workflow

Basic Workflow and Blog Workflow
Basic project workflow looks like this: Initiate, Plan, Research, Execute, Implement, Analyze, Repeat. It’s a process that never ends, and it should be applied to all areas of business, but what does that specifically look like in daily operations when we’re just talking about something as simple as blog workflow. Workflow […]

Find Your Content Marketing Zen in 2015

Adjusting Your Perspective
Content Marketing can be overwhelming, and although it takes time and practice to be efficient and good at it, the trick is to planning in advance and finding a manageable workflow that you can use that will keep you on track and will improve your effectiveness and reach by focusing your efforts. With a […]

The Direction of Publishing

Publishing isn’t changing, publishing has changed, and now the challenge is navigating the waters of the unknown and understanding where to take your publishing business in order to stay relevant. Pubsoft enables users to provide a direct ebooks sales channels to customers, which results in a data-driven publishing environment. Pubsoft helps authors and publishers work […]