pdf, content marketing, marketing strategy, brand, customers, content marketing strategy, content is king, ebooks, infographicsContent marketing is the new black (that’s right, Orange is out, Content Marketing is in). In this continually evolving age of technology, content is everything and any business with an online presence should have a content marketing strategy in place.

If your business doesn’t have a content marketing strategy, you might as well be throwing your company’s money away … because you aren’t making  contact with your customers that promotes engagement. And contact is important.

More contact means more sharing of information, gossiping, exchanging, engaging – in short, more word of mouth. – Gary Vaynerchuck 

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that employs the use of relevant content aligned with a business’s values and brand to bring in customers and retain brand loyalty. There are many different types of content marketing, mostly notably the corporate or business blog. But content marketing is more than just a blog. It’s a steady stream of content available to your customers (current and potential) that expands your brand’s dimension.

It’s important to have a nice mix of textual and visual content (think infographics). But it’s also important to have more in-depth content, such as white papers or how-to’s. This is when PDFs come in handy. PDFs are probably not going to be as comprehensive as an eBook or white paper, but too often the PDF gets overlooked as a valuable content marketing tool.

5 Reasons to Use PDFs in Your Content Marketing Strategy

  1. You can use a PDF as a precursor to more enhanced content marketing materials you employ. Think of it is as a condensed version of your eBook, case study, white paper, etc.
  2. It’s a great adjacent marketing strategy to use with newsletters and e-mail marketing (Think: “Click here to get your free PDF.”).
  3. You can also use PDFs to bring in more blog traffic, which helps to convert readers into potential customers.
  4. Offering a PDF as limited free content (everyone loves free!) can establish your company as an expert in your market.
  5. It can also entice customers to go one step further in the buying process. This means they might buy your eBooks, use your services, and say good things about your brand (word of mouth again!).

Don’t overlook the power of a PDF as a content marketing tool. While newsletters, videos, and infographics are powerful, and blogs are certainly traffic drivers for many companies, PDFs can help extend your reach beyond the blog and convert any potential customers still unsure about your company’s brand.

Using software, like Pubsoft, can also enhance your content marketing strategy. By offering an easy-to-use analytic dashboard, your company will be able to see, in real time, how effective your content marketing strategy is and how strong the ROI is—no matter what type of content you integrate into your marketing strategy.

To learn more about how Pubsoft can help your business create an effective content marketing strategy, contact us today!