The Year in Publishing and What’s to Come: Change or Stay the Same?

As 2014 is inching its way out the door, the year in publishing has highlighted one standout truth: change is the only constant. With 2015 galloping in on its white horse of innovation, it’s time for publishers—and everyone else, because aren’t we all publishers?—to grab life by the reigns and go confidently in the direction […]

Everyone’s a Publisher: Pushing the Envelope and Embracing Technology

Here’s a little millennial truth for you: Everyone’s a publisher. And OK, maybe everyone isn’t a publisher…yet. But everyone CAN BE a publisher. And that’s the beauty of this digital world, full of innovation and shifting capabilities. We can do anything! We can hold a library in the palm of our hands. We can spread […]

eBooks over PDFs: Content Marketing for the Future

eBooks over PDFs
When you hear content marketing, what do you think of? Most people probably think of the classic PDF. The PDF as a content marketing tool has been around a long time, and as I mentioned before, “PDFs can help extend your reach beyond the blog and convert any potential customers still unsure about […]