Digital Book World 2014 – The Publishing Industry’s Current Landscape

This week, the publishing industry came together at Digital Book World 2014—described as a reflection of the current state of the publishing industry and the changes it has experienced—to tackle discussions such as “change management, technology and start-ups, data-driven decision making, cutting-edge tools for ebook production, and much more.”
Here are some key highlights from Digital […]

The Niche Market: Resilience in Niche Publishing

The publishing industry has begun to see the growth of more niche markets than ever before. Digital publishing has helped foster those niche markets, growing communities centered around specific niches, genres, sub-genres, and so on, creating success for those publishers who target niche markets. This will probably continue to happen long into the year of […]

2014 Will Be the Year of the Legacy Publisher

The 2014 predictions are overflowing from the internet like New Year’s Eve champagne. Everyone from social media masters to self-publishing gurus like—JA Konrath—and even some from the big leagues, like Digital Book World, are speaking up about what they believe this new year will bring for the publishing industry. It’s only fitting we should chime […]