Holiday Promotions for Books and Book Lovers

Tis the season for giving, and now is the perfect time to find (and for publishers, offer) holiday promotions on books—print and ebooks alike. Most often, the holiday season can represent 40 percent of annual revenue for many retailers. And while that’s a broad number, it can apply to publishers, especially when ebooks are perfectly […]

Why Now is the Time to Invest in Ebooks

Now is the time to invest in ebooks. Why? Because it’s safe to say that ebooks are a permanent fixture in the publishing industry. And with the digital frontier bringing an all-encompassing connection with consumers, the foresight to invest in ebooks is a smart move, because it’s an investment not just in the future of […]

Legacy Publishers Need to Reduce Spending

The speed at which the publishing industry is changing is enough to make anyone dizzy. And legacy publishers seem to be the last in line to get on board with change. Too often, they are deer caught in the headlights of this changing industry. If legacy publishers want to keep up with the rapid pace, […]

What Does the Publishing Company of the Future Look Like?

It’s safe to say that the future of publishing is going to be different than it was five years ago, and even radically different from today. Traditional publishers are no longer holding the proverbial conch—they have no more say in what sells. Readers are the ones who determine what sells and what doesn’t. They want […]