Transmedia Storytelling – A Whole New Realm From the Start

When I was younger, I had a Care Bears book that came with a cassette tape for sing-along songs and a VHS video I could watch while I read (it also came with a cute stuffed Care Bear—Good Luck Bear, who was my favorite Care Bear of all time). This was in the ’80s, long before e-books, tablets, and mobile apps and games. Despite the lack of modern technology, it was still a very successful use of transmedia storytelling.
With this current digital era, transmedia storytelling has a whole new media platform to play with. More and more publishers and authors are creating enhanced e-books and utilizing transmedia to market their brand to readers. It’s still mostly uncharted territory, but as e-books and digital media continue to cement themselves as solid platforms, it’s likely we’ll see a lot more transmedia storytelling in the future.

What is Transmedia?
Transmedia, sometimes called interactive media or multi-platform media, is the use of various media platforms to tell a story.  This can be an enhanced e-book—maybe with video links, graphic artwork, audio, games, or apps—and can also cross over into merchandise like toys or clothing.
The use of transmedia is especially popular for children’s books and stories, but it also has its place in the mystery and suspense genre, as well as sci-fi and fantasy. These genres tend be much more open and accessible to cross-platform entertainment outlets.  […]

Subscription Revolution – Are E-book Subscription Services Sustainable Long-Term?

You know what an e-book is, and you know what Netflix is (unless you have your head buried in the sand), but do you know about Oyster, the new “Netflix for books” start-up by a team of book lovers—Andrew Brown, Eric Stromberg, and Willem Van Lancker—who proclaim they sit “at the intersection of books and […]

Nine Strategies for Publishers to Maximize Resources

The publishing world is spinning on its axis and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Where she stops, nobody knows—so publishers need to do everything they can to maximize resources and engage readers and potential authors alike.
Here are 9 strategies for publishers to maximize their resources:

Publishing – As a publisher, your […]

Why It’s Important For Publishers to Attend Publishing Industry Events

Now, more than ever, it’s important for publishers (not just authors) to attend publishing industry events. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, you probably know that the game of book publishing has changed, for all players—authors, publishers, editors, literary agents, and even publicists. And everyone’s still learning the rules. Meanwhile, the game changers (e-books, social media, digital publishing software) continue to digitally disrupt the industry.
With publishing software and platforms giving everyone a key to the publishing palace, it’s imperative that publishers become innovative in how they seek out new talent. Attending publishing industry events, such as the upcoming 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, are good ways for publishers to make new connections, learn about new trends, and keep a firm grasp on their territory and the rapid innovation of the publishing world.
The 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair, which lasts from October 9 to October 13, bills itself as “the biggest book and media fair in the world.” It offers something for everyone in the industry, with approximately 7500 exhibits from over 100 countries.

Major Publishing Industry Events
Other important industry events are listed below:  […]