Publishing Innovation

Pubsoft publishing software helps publishers move forward in the digital age by providing the tools for publishing success. Pubsoft provides publisher, author, and reader portals to build and grow publishing platforms through direct sales and marketing.

Data Analytics

Data drives decisions, and the Pubsoft publishing software provides author level and publisher level data analytics to empower publishers to make smarter content choices and marketing decisions.

Book Discoverability

Your authors and your readers are your real salesforce. Leverage the power of true word of mouth marketing with the Pubsoft system. Publishers can gain more direct access to their readership with Pubsoft, leading to increased discoverability.

Why Choose Us

      • Attract more engaged authors
      • Manage author marketing activities
      • See book level analytics
      • SEO friendly author webpage
      • SEO friendly book landing page
      • On-site preview and multi-purchase points
      • Social media integration
      • Multi-channel distribution capability
      • PayPal┬« royalty withdrawal request and payment

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